The University of Mobile offers an amazing variety of research and learning opportunities in the study of biology.

Dr. Randy Craig
Program Coordinator, Biology
Professor of Biology
Chair, Department of Natural Science

Bachelor of Science in Biology

While all biology majors complete required coursework such as genetics, physiology and ecology, you are also free to pursue many topics in the biological sciences through a wide selection of elective courses. UM alumni who graduated with a major in Biology have gone on to medical school, completed graduate school, found employment in laboratories and hospitals, worked in cancer research, and pursued ecological careers.

Secondary Education Certification in Biology is offered.

Some characteristics of professionals in medical fields include strategic thinking and problem solving, attention to detail, a strong work ethic, excellent communication skills, flexibility and ability to work well under pressure.

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 - Preparation for professional schools
- Human Gross Anatomy in the cadaver lab
- Small classes with personalized instruction


High School Biology Teacher
Pharmacy Assistant
Hospital Administration
Medical Marketing
“We all are gifted by God with special or particular talents, we are to use those talents or skills for God’s purposes. The Bachelor of Science in Biology prepares students to make a difference in a variety of science-related professions.”

Randy Craig, DVM
Program Coordinator, Pre-Health Biology
Professor of Biology
Chair, Department of Natural Science

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