A Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Communication at the University of Mobile provides you with an understanding of how to communicate clearly across multiple media, including print, digital and social channels.

Dr. Gyromas Newman
Program Coordinator, Communication
Associate Professor of Communication

Bachelor of Arts or Science in Communication

You will hone your skills to simplify complex information and articulate it clearly for mass media audiences. You will also gain experience writing for print and digital media, become a better public speaker, evaluate and interpret advertising messages, and research communication theories that shape our understanding of the world.

Tracks are offered in:

University of Mobile alumni are working as social media marketers, ad designers, producers, news anchors and more. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for communication occupations is expected to increase as content creators, marketers and producers are needed to manage information for emerging digital platforms.

Some characteristics of professionals in the field of communication include excellent written and verbal communication skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, confidence, empathy and an aptitude for technology.

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 - Small classes with individual attention from faculty with doctorates in Communication set UM apart from many larger institutions
- Gain internship experience in your field concentrations for up to 6 hours of course credit
- Students interested in graduate school will have the opportunity to network with well-known communication researchers through involvement with local academic conferences such as the Alabama Communication Association


Social Media Marketer
Ad Designer
Journalist/News Anchor
Public Relations Practitioner
Q&A with Gyro Newman
“Poor communication comes naturally, but good communication is learned. Come learn with us!”

Gyromas Newman, PhD
Program Coordinator, Communication
Associate Professor of Communication
College of Arts & Sciences

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