A Bachelor of Arts in English at the University of Mobile helps you think critically, constructively and analytically as you express your ideas in effective and grammatically correct spoken and written English.

Dr. Katherine Abernathy
Program Coordinator, English
Professor of English
Chair, Department of Humanities

Bachelor of Arts in English

You will study great works of the Western literary tradition, especially British and American writing. Experiences in these courses will encourage you to see the relevance of these works to your personal experiences, and relate your own moral and ethical choices to situations encountered in the great works.

Secondary Education Certification in English is offered.

A bachelor’s degree in English prepares you for a wide range of careers, including education, communication, law, medicine, management, corporate leadership and more. The degree is also an excellent foundation for further graduate-level study.

 English majors will graduate with skills in advanced critical thinking, research and analysis, excellent written and spoken communication, creativity in problem solving, and visionary leadership that are in high demand in today’s workforce.

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 - Small classes and individual attention allow faculty to mentor students and build student community
- All English majors participate in a capstone internship or project tailored for their planned careers
- Membership in Sigma Tau Delta, the national English honor society, allows students to build professional portfolios with presentations and published papers before graduation


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“A major in English is both ideal and practical. It provides advanced career preparation while also deepening your understanding of your beliefs and principles while you learn how to reason, write, and communicate well. Having read and studied the works of the world’s greatest authors, you will have a richer sense of your calling in God’s kingdom and how your talents can and should be used.”

Katherine Abernathy, PhD
Program Coordinator, English
Professor of English
Chair, Department of Humanities

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