Become an active and informed citizen by majoring in Government & Law. In an increasingly interconnected world, it is vital that citizens become knowledgeable about the system we live in, and confident in our ability to create change. 

Dr. Julie Biskner
Associate Professor of Government and Law and Criminology,
Program Coordinator, Government and Law
Chair, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Bachelor of Arts or Science in Government and Law

Government & Law includes traditional political science courses, but with a more law-oriented focus. 

Careers in government and law are essential, and employment opportunities continue to expand. The degree is an excellent foundation for law school and graduate programs.

Some characteristics of professionals in the field of government and law include critical thinking and problem-solving skills, strong communication abilities, ethics and honesty, the ability to collaborate, and leadership.

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 - Students have interned for Congress members, the district attorney, police departments, the mayor’s office, law firms, and political consultants, and more
- Participate in the only Mock Trial team in southern Alabama, which practices regularly and competes in a national tournament every spring
- Field trips to criminal court, a local program to improve police-community relations, city council meetings, and presentations by political and community leaders


Public Analyst
Non-profit Sector
Political Consulting
Weaver Hall and Globe
“Employers appreciate social science majors for their skills in writing, speaking, analyzing, critical thinking, teamwork, processing information and other vital ‘soft skills’ that are highly valued in the workplace. In addition, studying government, politics and law offers the chance for a career that is significant, gratifying and world-changing.”

Julie Biskner, PhD
Program Coordinator, Government and Law
Chair, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences
College of Arts & Sciences

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