History is as much something you do as something you learn. In the classroom as well as the field, you will collect and analyze historical data, develop a historical perspective for current events, and demonstrate an ability to communicate both orally and in writing.

Dr. Michael Robinson
Program Coordinator, History
Associate Professor of History

Bachelor of Arts or Science in History

A degree in History prepares students for a successful career in education, public service, preservation and many other fields.

Secondary Education Certification in History is offered.

A degree in History is an excellent foundation for law school and graduate programs. Some characteristics of professionals in history-related fields include excellent written and verbal communication skills, strategic thinking and problem solving, confidence, empathy and aptitude for technology.

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 - Small classes with individual attention from faculty
- Students will engage with the unique history of the broader Gulf Coast community
- Internships in museums, archives, parks, and more


Secondary School Teacher
Museum Curator
Michael Robinson
"A degree in history opens the door to a wide array of career options for our graduates. The study of history sharpens a student’s ability to think critically, communicate and write effectively, and contextualize our present world in light of the past. History majors are equipped with skills and tools that 21st-century employers highly value."

Dr. Michael Robinson
Program Coordinator, History
Associate Professor of History

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