A Bachelor of Science in Marine Science at the University of Mobile offers extensive field experiences in nearby estuaries, salt marshes and sandy beaches.

Lynne Leonard
Assistant Professor, Marine Science,
Program Coordinator, Marine Science
Professor of Biology

Bachelor of Science in Marine Science

The program emphasizes the biological aspects of marine science, with introductory courses in many different scientific disciplines including biology, chemistry, math, physics and geology. You will take courses at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab and conduct hands-on research in Mobile Bay.

Increased public awareness of the natural environment and the impact of human population growth and development on oceans and estuaries creates a growing need for biological scientists. Some characteristics of professionals in the field of marine science include curiosity, attention to detail, analytical and critical thinking skills, excellent communication skills and an aptitude for research.

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 - Study at Dauphin Island Sea Lab
- Explore nearby estuaries, salt marshes and sandy beaches
- Small class sizes with faculty who mentor you


Biological Scientist
Research Biologist
Laboratory Technician
Science Teacher
“The University of Mobile is located in a diverse ecological region, providing opportunities for experiential learning in nearby marshes, estuaries, bays and the Gulf of Mexico.”

Randy Craig, DVM
Program Coordinator, Marine Biology
Professor of Biology
Chair, Department of Natural Science
College of Arts & Sciences

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