A major in Mathematics provides you with the analytical skills to succeed in a broad range of careers.
Troy Henderson Q&A

Dr. Troy Henderson
Program Coordinator, Mathematics
Professor of Mathematics

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

The University of Mobile’s mathematics program teaches you to converse fluently in the language of logic, to express relationships, to make comparisons, to use statistics and to reach conclusions.

Secondary Education Certification in Mathematics is offered.

Concentrations are offered in:
• Applied Mathematics
• Financial Mathematic

Overall employment of mathematicians and statisticians is projected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations, as professionals are needed to analyze data and solve problems.

Some characteristics of professionals in the field of mathematics include strategic thinking and problem solving, persistence, curiosity, organization, ability to collaborate and an aptitude for technology.

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 - Small classes with individual attention from faculty
- Observation of several teachers and classes in local high schools
- High demand for secondary school math teachers throughout the state/region


Secondary School Teacher
College/University Professor
Operations Research Analyst
Troy Henderson Q&A
“Upon completion of the mathematics degree requirements from the University of Mobile and certification from the State of Alabama, students are all but guaranteed a mathematics teaching position in a high school in the state.”

Troy Henderson, PhD
Program Coordinator, Mathematics
Professor of Mathematics
College of Arts & Sciences

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