The online Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership offers you a classic undergraduate education in the liberal arts tradition. The degree program is designed to make earning a college degree compatible with work and family responsibilities.

Dr. Matthew Downs
Program Coordinator, Organizational Leadership,
Dean, Associate Professor of History

Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership (Online)

Understand the fundamental characteristics of good leaders in a student-oriented, Christ-focused higher education environment. This flexible major combines the convenience of online coursework with small class sizes, allowing students to know their professors. It is ideal for students balancing work, life and school. Courses are generally offered in 8-week sessions and adaptable scheduling allows students to start any semester.

You will learn how to apply the traits of leadership in practical applications suited to a number of careers, including business, civil service, education and more.

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 - 8-week courses are compatible with work and family
- Adaptable scheduling allows students to start any semester
- Fully online program with small classes


Human Resources
Service-Oriented Careers
“One of my greatest joys is to see students develop. I want them all to find themselves and their callings in life. That is not easy and sometimes wrong turns are taken, failure happens and revision is required. That, by the way, is not necessarily is life. I’m happy to be a part of that and to engage students on that journey.”

Dr. Matthew Downs
Dean, Associate Professor of History

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