A bachelor’s degree in Philosophy prepares you for a wide range of careers, including education, law, medicine, management, community leadership and more. The degree is an excellent foundation for further graduate-level study.

Dr. T.J. Mashburn
Program Coordinator, Philosophy
Professor of Humanities

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

A major in Philosophy at the University of Mobile teaches you how to think critically, analytically, creatively and comprehensively. This is fundamental to any kind of business or institution. For the most part, employers will teach workers particular skills of a job. What they can’t teach or seldom teach is how to think. That is the task of philosophy.

Some characteristics of professionals in a variety of philosophy-related career fields include curiosity, holistic analysis, advanced critical thinking ability, persuasive communication skills and humility.

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 - Small classes and individual attention from faculty
- Field experiences engaging Christian and non-Christian traditions
- Creative projects which bring together texts and personal experiences (Honors Program)


College/University Professor
Humanitarian Worker
Medical Professional
Mashburn Class

“What separates humans from all other sentient beings is the ability to think. Philosophy is about exercising that rational and divine quality.”

T.J. Mashburn, Ph.D.
Program Coordinator, Philosophy
Professor of Humanities
College of Arts & Sciences

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