A Bachelor of Arts or Science in Psychology from the University of Mobile prepares you for graduate school or for your career in multiple arenas, including psychology, social work and counseling.

Dr. Matthew Downs
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Associate Professor of History

Bachelor of Arts or Science in Psychology

You will take courses that prepare you with the knowledge and foundational skills to understand yourself and others through a scientific lens.

Our program is aligned with the American Psychological Association’s “Guidelines for the Undergraduate Psychology Major, Version 2.0” and actively promotes the broad goals of:

  • A strong knowledge base in psychology
  • The development of scientific inquiry and critical thinking skills
  • An understanding of one’s ethical and social responsibility in a diverse world
  • Effective communication skills
  • Professional development

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 - Describe key concepts, principles, and overarching themes in psychology
- Develop a working knowledge of psychology’s content domains
- Develop meaningful professional direction for life after graduation


Clinical Psychologist
School Psychologist
Case Manager
Rehabilitation Specialist
"God has a calling for each one of His creations. In order to find God’s purpose for us, we have to open our minds and hearts to God’s voice speaking to us, whether that be through the mentors we have in our lives, our friends and colleagues, or experiences that we have through life. College is one of the many times that we will be exposed to all three of these things, while also learning and having fun, of course!"

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