Dr. Michael Robinson
Assistant Professor of History

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Dr. Michael Robinson
Associate Professor of History

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Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Public History

The Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Public History provides students with the knowledge, skills and experience to pursue a career in historical interpretation, historic and archival preservation, and museum work. This program uniquely combines traditional history courses with marketing, public relations and organizational communications. Students also gain real-world, hands-on experience in an internship designed to enhance each student’s career readiness.

Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
HI 101 Western Civilization I or HI 103 World History I  3
HI 102 Western Civilization II or HI 104 World History II 3
HI 201 History of the United States I  3
HI 202 History of the United States II  3
MKT 311 Principles of Marketing  3
COM 323 Organizational Communication and Leadership  3
COM 335 Principles of Public Relations  3
HI 342 Intro to Public History  3
HI 406 Alabama History  3
HI 411 Philosophy and Methods of History  3
HI 426 Public History Internship  3
HI 300-400 Electives  6