The Bachelor of Arts in World Languages and Studies at the University of Mobile gives students an opportunity to explore the world through proficiency in French or Spanish.

Barbara Brousseau 
Program Coordinator, World Languages and Studies
Associate Professor of French

Bachelor of Arts in World Languages and Studies

Further study in literature, history, philosophy, government and law, and sociology provide a holistic experience, and prepares students for various study abroad opportunities. Students will be ready to pursue a variety of career opportunities or graduate studies, both domestic and abroad.

With globalization comes increased employment opportunities for those with a foreign language degree. A bachelor’s degree in world languages opens doors to international opportunities in business, education, travel, the arts, humanitarian work and more. Employment of interpreters and translators is projected to grow at a much faster rate than the average for all occupations.

Some characteristics of professionals in world language careers include a high level of proficiency in both English and another language, cultural competence, excellent listening skills and emotional resilience.

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 - Combines the study of various disciplines to create an interdisciplinary degree
- Capstone experience serves as culminating preparation for student’s next step after college
- Become effective at communicating with people from different backgrounds, both domestically and abroad


Business/Travel Industry
Civil Service
Mission/Aid Worker
Barbara Brousseau's Class
“Our home of Mobile, Alabama, is a port city with a rich international history. As a Christian university, we embrace a worldview where we celebrate God's creation, and we teach the language and cultural skills to engage with our brothers and sisters across the globe. Working well with a broad range of people is a paramount skill in any career!”

Barbara Brousseau, MA, MAT
Program Coordinator, World Languages and Studies
Associate Professor of French
College of Arts & Sciences

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