University of Mobile’s Center for Excellence in Healthcare Practice (CEHP) provides hands-on clinical and lab experience for students in the College of Health Professions, including the School of Nursing, School of Health and Sports Science and School of Nurse Anesthesia. Utilizing cutting-edge simulators and augmented reality in the classroom, students receive a comprehensive learning experience that mirrors real-life scenarios.

Graduate Nursing Students

In the Obstetric Simulation Lab, there is a Lucina® birthing simulator. Lucina® possesses unrivaled realism and versatility. She is truly two patients encompassed in one simulator with abilities ranging from childbirth to advanced care medical surgical scenarios. In addition to Lucina®, the Center has a Noelle® birthing simulator which is designed to provide a complete birthing experience before, during, and after delivery. A Pedi Blue® Neonate, a Susie Simon® infant care simulator, and a Laerdal pediatric medium fidelity simulator are also included for pediatric simulation experiences.


The Medical Surgical Simulation Lab houses an iStan® which is a prestigious simulator offering realistic care experiences for the student. iStan® is the most advanced wireless patient simulator on the market, with excellent articulation and full mobile capabilities. He can simulate a basic level patient experience to a most advanced situation including trauma.


In addition to the two simulation labs, the Center has a Skills Lab which includes 5 patient beds with skill training manikins. Multiple task trainers are included in the lab and provide the support for modalities in patient care. The Skills Lab is set up to simulate a realistic hospital experience with air, suction, and other equipment utilized in daily patient care. The Skills Lab also includes a high fidelity SimMan® simulator. This simulator offers comprehensive clinical function for teaching airway, breathing, cardiac, and circulation management for healthcare disciplines.


A debriefing room is designated for students and faculty to review simulation experiences and discuss challenges and strengths. High definition video is captured throughout the simulation and is played back for student review during the debriefing session.

A Health Assessment and Sports Science Lab is also included in the Center. This lab has a SimMan® Classic simulator. This simulator allows for multimodal assessment of systems geared towards healthcare professionals. The lab allows for the training and evaluation of students in professional skills and activities.