The Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology prepares graduates for a variety of professional opportunities in health, sport and wellness.

Dr. Lori DeLong
Dean, School of Health and Sports Science, Program Coordinator, Kinesiology, Associate Professor of Kinesiology

Dr. Beverly Fox
Program Coordinator, Health and Physical Education, Associate Professor of Kinesiology

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology

This degree provides the opportunity to combine Kinesiology with other disciplines such as psychology, Christian studies, education, or other areas of studies with minors.  Kinesiology also provides a perfect foundation of the study of movement with other pre-requisite academic coursework for students wishing to pursue graduate studies in the areas of athletic training, physical therapy, occupational therapy, exercise physiology, biomechanics, and other related professional fields. Specifically, the Pre-Professional advising concentrations of Pre-Athletic Training, Pre-Occupational Training, and Pre-Physical Therapy allow students to complete prerequisites for applications to graduate programs while completing courses in Kinesiology.

A student majoring in Kinesiology may choose a minor or supporting fields in other disciplines, or one of the concentrations in Kinesiology in lieu of a minor. Concentrations are:

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 - Small classes and individual attention
- Internships to gain valuable professional experience and observation hours for graduate applications
- Professional Rescuer and AED training for certifications


Physical Educator, Teacher, Coach
Health Care Professions in Fitness and Rehabilitation
Health and Physical Education Teacher
Personal Trainer/Fitness Specialist
Q&A with UM Kinesiology Professor Beverly Fox
“Kinesiology, the study of movement, spans many different professions.  It not only includes the physiology (anatomy and physiology of the body) but also the psychology (mind) and pedagogy (learning/teaching) of movement.  Those who study kinesiology should have a passion for helping people live healthier lifestyles, whether it be through physical activity, teaching sport skills, or rehabilitation of an injury/illlness to recover an active lifestyle.”

- Dr. Beverly Fox
Associate Professor of Kinesiology

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