Dr. Kathy Dunning
Dean, Grace Pilot School of Business
Associate Professor of Accounting

Master of Science in Leadership and Communication

A Master of Science in Leadership and Communication gives business and non-profit professionals, who want to grow as leaders, the practical knowledge and skills they need to help their organization succeed. This graduate-level online program is designed for those holding a bachelor’s degree in any discipline and will equip professionals in the primary roles of leading and communicating within their organization.

A Master of Science in Leadership and Communication prepares leaders to better understand all stakeholders within an organization in partnership with the purpose and processes of an organization.

Upon completion, graduates will have 18 hours of Leadership/Management courses and 18 hours of Communication courses at the graduate level, making them eligible to teach undergraduate courses in either discipline at regionally-accredited higher education institutions.

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- The program can be taken as either a 1- or 2-year cohort model beginning each fall semester

- Courses are offered in three 5-week segments with projects, dialogues and quizzes spread throughout the semester

- During each of the three segments each semester, there will be one live, synchronous Zoom meeting for students to engage in discussion with colleagues and the faculty member.


 Leadership/Career Advancement in For-profit Industries
 Executive Leadership in Non-profit Organizations
Entrepreneurial Start-ups and new Small Businesses
Project and Event Management
“The Master of Science in Leadership and Communication is designed to strengthen the skillset of people in practice. The courses are built to equip our students with application-based opportunities that will prepare them to lead in a variety of organizations. Whether an individual is in a for-profit or not-for-profit entity, they need to understand and be prepared to lead and communicate the values of an organization, strengthen its culture, prepare it for innovation, and maintain its ethics – and this program is uniquely built to do this and more!”

Dr. Kathy Dunning
Dean, School of Business
Assistant Professor of Accounting

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