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Brian Boyle
Director of Recruitment for Nontraditional and Graduate programs

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Brian Boyle
Director of Recruitment for Adult & Graduate Programs

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Bachelor of Science in Christian Leadership & Ministry

The Bachelor of Science degree in Christian Leadership & Ministry is designed to provide a theological framework with practical ministry skills for those who sense God’s call on their lives to minister in church settings, as well as in parachurch, non-profit agencies, businesses, and other professional and community settings. Curriculum includes theological courses as well as courses in practical ministry/leadership skills, and business courses in management leadership and group behavior theories.

Online classes are offered in convenient 8-week sessions designed specifically for nontraditional students. This class structure allows you to continue with your family and work schedule while advancing your career.

  • Meet or exceed all University of Mobile admission requirements.
  • Have attained the age of 23 or older, or have accepted adult responsibilities.
  • Have access to a computer and internet.
  • Have a valid e-mail account.
  • Commitment to class attendance and ability to devote a minimum or 10-15 hours per week to coursework preparation.
  • Contact your University of Mobile admissions counselor for details on basic coursework and GPA requirements.
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
CST 199 Spiritual Disciplines 3
CST 201 Introduction to the Old Testament 3
CST 202 Introduction to the New Testament 3
CST 303 Intercultural Foundations 3
CST 110 Introduction to Christian Worldview 3
CST 317 Biblical Interpretation 3
CST 321 Mission and Message of Jesus 3
CST 331 Christian Theology 3
CST 332 Christian Apologetics 3
CST 409 Global Disciple-Making 3
Total: 30
Ministry Counseling Courses
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
CST 407 Ministry Counseling 1: The Chaplain 3
CST 408 Ministry Counseling 2: Chaplaincy Training 3
Total: 6
Leadership Courses
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
CST 399 Ministry Leadership 3
CST 403 Intercultural Leadership 3
BBA 321 Principles of Management 3
BBA 333 Leadership in Organizations 3
BBA 401 Organizational Behavior and Human Relations 3
BBA 426 Social Responsibility and Managerial Ethics 3
Total: 18

Fall, Spring, & Summer: $412 per credit hour
Comprehensive Fees:
Fall and Spring: $200.00 per semester
Summer, 12 hours or more $100.00
Summer, Less than 12 hours $50.00