Intercultural Studies

Intercultural Studies

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Intercultural Studies prepares our graduates to be effective intercultural communicators for Christian service/or and ministry.


A Bachelor of Arts degree in Intercultural Studies is an interdisciplinary degree, offering instruction and training in apologetics, biblical studies, community hygiene, cross-cultural communications, foreign language acquisition, geography, intercultural anthropology, leadership training, missiology, non-Western history, political science, theology, and world religion. Many of our students choose to minor in a foreign language to help them prepare further for a cross-cultural career.


In addition to classroom training, students training for Intercultural Studies participate in local cross-cultural ministry teams, intercultural internships both nationally and globally, and international service projects. After four years of study, an Intercultural Studies graduate will have up to eight semesters of experience in local intercultural service training, a semester or summer as an intercultural intern, and one or more international service projects.


Our Intercultural Studies alumni have gone on to pursue graduate education in the fields of international journalism, ministry, and social work. Other graduates are involved in cross-cultural work with careers in business, international missions, nursing, and teaching.


For more information, contact Dr. Doug Wilson, Dean, School of Christian Studies. | (251) 442-2406