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Dr. Doug Wilson
Dean, School of Christian Studies 

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Bachelor of Arts in Biblical & Theological Studies

A Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in Biblical & Theological Studies will provide a rigorous academic program based on bold commitment to the trustworthiness of the Bible that aims to produce first-rate scholars. We offer concentrations for students preparing for Academic Ministry, Church Ministry, and Community Ministry.

Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
CST 011 Ministry Team Service 0
CST 199 Spiritual Disciplines 3
CST 201 Introduction to the Old Testament 3
CST 202 Introduction to the New Testament 3
CST 299 Turabian Research Seminar 1
CST 301 History of Christian Thought 3
CST 322 Ministry Foundations 3
CST 331 Christian Theology 3
CST 399 Ministry Leadership 3
CST 405 Ministry Internship 3
CST 409 Global Disciple-Making 3
CST 425 International Service Project 3
CST 499 Senior Capstone Course 1