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Dr. Ashley Milner
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Contact Us:

Dr. Ashley Milner
Assistant Professor of Education

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Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education

The Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood is a degree for students who desire to become an educator through study in an enriching Christian environment. This course of study requires the student to participate in practicum experiences in the classroom and a full semester of student teaching. To fulfill these requirements, students who currently work full-time may need to take time off at their jobs.

  • Formal written application; and ALSDE code 290-3-3-.04(3)(a)1.
  • fingerprint clearance (this is required in TE 201) from the ABI and FBI through an
    approved Alabama State Department of Education provider ALSDE Code 290-3-3-.04(3)(a)2,(i)
  • Focus2 and Strengths Results (contact Mrs. Brenda Davis bdavis@umobile.edu if you need your password to log in or to complete either of these assessments)
  • an impromptu written essay; and (required in TE 305 or TE 306)
  • a completed interview ALSDE Code 290-3-3-.04(3)(a)2,(vi);
  • a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 in the program, in professional studies,
    and in teaching field; also a minimum overall transcript GPA of2.75 is required (with a grade of”C” or higher in all Professional Studies (TE) Classes AND Teaching Field Classes) Data will be gathered to ensure each accepted cohort of Class B programs meet or exceeds the minimum 3.0 GPA. ALSDE Code 290-3-3-.02(b)J,, 290-3-3-.04(3)(a)2.(iv)
  • a passing score in all areas (Math, Reading, and Writing) on the appropriate Praxis I
    CORE Basic Skills Test (required in TE 201) as approved by the state of Alabama. You may register for this test at https://www.ets.org/portal/site/iserpraxis/menuitem.lb7tobe6 788d6 l 8e6c4l265a7beb1509

    • ALSDE Code 290-3-3-.04(3)(a)2,(ii)
  • Physical Education Majors ONLY -1st Fitness Assessment must be completed before Admission to Teacher Education (Schedule a time with your advisor)
  • For Early Childhood OR Elementary Majors ONLY, a passing score on the PRAXIS (Content) II; [see page with Praxis Test Codes); (Required in TE 305 or before)
  • Proof of experiences in the schools; and ALSDE Code 290-3-3-.04(3)(a)2.(vii)
TE 201 Foundations of Education 3
TE 301 Human Growth and Development 3
TE 304 Introduction to Exceptional Children and Youth 3
TE 305 Principles and Ethics of Teaching in the Elementary School (TE 201) 3
TE 405 Education and Technology (TE 305) 3
TE 412 Classroom Management (TE 305) 3
TE 421 Evaluation of Teaching and Learning (TE 305) 3
TE 422 Educational Psychology (TE 305) 3

TE 423

Student Teaching and Seminar 9

TE 433

TE 455

edTPA Professional Development Seminar (Co-req. TE

423)Pre-K Internship



Total: 37
TE 308 Integrating Arts in EC/EL Education 3
TE 309 Methods of Teaching Social Studies (TE 305) 3
TE 311 Methods of Teaching Language Arts (TE 305) 3
TE 312 Methods of Teaching Mathematics (TE 305) 3
TE 322 The Inclusive Classroom (TE 304, 305) 3
TE 400 Methods of Teaching Science  (TE 305) 3
TE 406 Early Childhood Curriculum (Co-req. TE 410) 3
TE 410 Developmentally Appropriate Practice in Early Childhood Education (Co-req. TE 406) 3
TE 411 Methods of Teaching Reading (TE 305) 3
TE 413 Literacy and the Young Child (TE 305) 3
TE 419 Diagnostic and Corrective Reading (TE 305 & 411 or TE 413) 3
KIN 221 School Health 3
Total: 36