The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program at the University of Mobile is designed to prepare nurse leaders with advanced knowledge and skills with a focus on the Christian worldview.

Dr. Jessica Garner, DNP, FNP
Interim Graduate Chair, School of Nursing

Doctor of Nursing Practice - BSN to DNP (Online/On Campus)

1st Priority Deadline - April 1
2nd Priority Deadline - May 15

The student will be prepared to lead health care initiatives guided by evidence-based practice in any setting, from a small clinic to a national platform. The Doctor of Nursing Practice is offered as an online program with 1 on-campus intensive to enhance hands-on experience and networking with other leaders in nursing. Students will present the outcomes of their DNP Capstone project during this on-campus intensive. Options for completion of the degree include the Post-Master to DNP track, and BSN to DNP track.

The DNP prepares the nurse leader to:

  • Provide practice instruction for the next generation of nurses
  • Ensure that clinical care meets the highest standards of quality
  • Advance the nursing profession through research of new methods of care and delivery
  • Lead interdisciplinary collaborative efforts of health care improvement
  • Make a difference in conservative budgeting, while ensuring quality of care is not compromised
  • Further clinical expertise with the current APRN role and patient population focus
  • Pursue a track with an aggregate/systems/organizational focus for nursing careers outside of direct patient care

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 - Work full time while earning a degree
- Center for Excellence in Healthcare Practice offers state-of-the-art simulation labs
- Online courses with 1 on-campus intensive
- Faculty are experienced health care professionals and educators who mentor students


Public Health Departments
Primary Care Facilites
Private Practices
Health Care Executive
“The University of Mobile DNP degree is a practice doctorate in nursing which prepares graduates to function at the highest level of nursing practice. Graduates of the DNP program focus on providing care with an emphasis on improving quality and access to underserved and diverse populations. Our DNP graduates acquire abilities and skills in advocating for reasonable evidence-based health regulations and practices, collaborative relationships, cultural competence, and partner with diverse groups to address health disparities.”

Curtis Mathis, DNP, CRNP, FNP-BC
Graduate Chair
School of Nursing
College of Health Professions

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