University of Mobile School of Nursing Preceptor Information

Student Course Objectives:

The student will:
1. Exhibit professional behavior in all actions and interactions.
2. Demonstrate responsibility and accountability for the selection of personal learning experiences in professional practice.
3. Make competent clinical judgments when applying the nursing process.
4. Demonstrate awareness and sensitivity while providing culturally competent care to individuals within a diverse cultural background.
5. Provide evidence-based clinically competent care across the healthcare continuum.
6. Use information technology to deliver effective patient care.
7. Practice independently as well as collaboratively while working as a member of the interdisciplinary healthcare team.
8. Apply concepts of leadership, autonomy and management to the practice of professional nursing.
9. Consider ethical, moral and legal implications when making patient-care decisions.
10. Communicate effectively with clients, peers and other health care providers.
11. Respect the dignity, worth, spirituality, and uniqueness of self and others.