University of Mobile School of Nursing Preceptor Information

How to organize your student assignments

Client assignments, responsibilities, and expectations for independent functioning should be gradually increased during the practicum experience based on this recommended progression:

Day 1: 

Orient student to facility, unit, policies and procedures 
Student should shadow preceptor and assist with basic skills and procedures

Day 2:

Assign student two of low acuity clients (critical care students should be assigned one)
Allow student to assume all care of the clients, perform full documentation, and give hand-off report

Days 3-10:

Gradually increase the complexity and number of clients assigned to the student each shift

Days 11 -12:

Student should be assigned the preceptor's full client assignment 

By midway through the experience (around day 6), the student should be caring for an assignment that represents 50% of a typical assignment for the preceptor's unit. By the end of the practicum the student should have a full client assignment expected for a New Graduate Nurse on the unit.