Pandemic Teacher

Known for Teaching: Flexibility is Key to Teaching in Pandemic

Annamarie SmithEducation

I graduated from the University of Mobile with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary and Early Childhood Education in the fall of 2017. Since graduating, I have been an elementary school teacher in the Mobile County Public School System.

Being able to instill a love for lifelong learning in my students on a daily basis is such an honor and a privilege. I love my job.

However, when Covid-19 hit, I had to learn as an educator to adjust to at-home distance learning. A variety of changes had to be made, ranging from the delivery of instruction to the execution of differentiating instruction, in order for it to be accessible to all students regardless of their socioeconomic background or living situations.

As a graduate of the University of Mobile School of Education, I am able to readily make these necessary adjustments because it was instilled in me by my professors to always be flexible and ready to learn new things, due to education being a field that is ever-changing. Not to mention, the trainings and instructions offered to me while I attended the University of Mobile equipped me with the latest teaching techniques, strategies and research that I have been able to apply to online learning.

Now, I am working from home, continuing to create engaging lessons online as well as offering learner supports to those who have opted for the home schooling packets.

I also use the time to virtually attend many professional developments and learn new ways to teach in this pandemic. I miss my students terribly, but I am grateful to the University of Mobile for preparing me to be flexible.