The University of Mobile Event Operations Office oversees university event scheduling. We strive to create more efficient ways to use our scheduling resources to provide high-quality event support to the university and community.
eSPACE will provide you with a place to easily schedule your on and off-campus events! Through this form you can book your event space, secure tables and chairs and notify security of your event. Take a look at these five easy steps to use eSPACE.
Event Services Policies & Guidelines
eSPACE in 5 easy steps:
1. Click "Submit Event Request"
2. Fill out all of the general event information on page 1. Be sure to check "Public" so your event will show up on the public calendar.
3. Spaces
         a. Choose your space. For buildings that have a plus sign (+) beside them, click the plus sign to see
              specific room options. You may request more than one room if needed. 
         b. Choose any resources that you may need such as chairs, tables, audio/visual, etc. If you choose
              audio/visual, you must complete the required form before submission. 
         c. Please check both the housekeeping and security boxes so they will be notified of your event.
4. Resources & Services
Next, choose any resources that you may need (chairs, tables, Audio/Visual, etc.) If you choose Audio/Visual, you must complete the required form before submission. Next, please check both housekeeping & security so they can be aware of your event.
5. Click submit event. At this point, you will receive an email with a link to track the approval of your event. Lastly, please visit to fill out the Marketing Request Form for publicity of your event.

Submit Event Request

Should you have questions, please email or call
Jeremy Harford at 251.442.2232.

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