Shannon Brown

Q&A with UM Economics Professor Shannon Brown

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If you want to understand the world around you, study economics. Economics is the language of the decisions we make, why we make them, and the consequences of those decisions, both intended and unintended, says Shannon Brown, assistant professor of economics and finance in the University of Mobile’s School of Business. We talked with Brown about the study of economics and personal finance, her goals for students, and how she came to know Christ on the University of Mobile campus.

Q:  Why should someone choose to study Economics?

A: Most people believe economics is about money, but it’s really about the choices governments, companies and individuals make. The study of economics will make you a better citizen, a savvy consumer and an astute professional. Economics is one of the tracks in our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, along with finance and supply chain management.

Q:  What is your favorite course to teach?  

A: I love to teach Personal Finance. I am on a mission to teach every student I can to be a good steward of their finances. My goal is to equip them to be wise with their money, avoid the pitfalls of too much debt, and encourage them to save early and consistently, so they are free to live generously and productively, making the most of their God-given talents.

Q:  You say UM is “home.” What do you mean?

A: I was blessed to grow up here; my church held services on campus when I was a young girl. I attended Sunday school in Weaver Hall and gave my life to Christ in the fall of 1980 in Weaver Auditorium (now Dorsett Auditorium). Every time I turn up the drive and see Weaver Hall, it feels like coming home. I can’t imagine teaching anywhere else.

Q:  What does “Know and Be Known” mean to you?

A: For every student I teach, I have two goals: Do the best job I can to teach you all I can, and learn all I can about you – your goals and ambitions, your struggles and your fears, that thing that makes you uniquely you.

Often, the best part of the day is the few minutes before or after class when students stop to share a bit about what is going on in their lives. That’s the good stuff!