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Miss UM- Erica Burleson

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The Miss University of Mobile organization has awarded over $250,000 in tuition benefits during its 56 years. Our Miss UM Board of Directors and prior title holders are working to increase scholarship opportunities through the new Miss University of Mobile Legacy Scholarship. This award will provide cash scholarships for Miss University of Mobile to help offset educational expenses. Previous Miss University of Mobile/Miss Mobile College title holders are invited to pledge a variation of their title year annually toward the award for the next Miss UM. 

You do not need to be a previous Miss UM to give to this incredible fund. Anyone can give today! Please make your tax-deductible donation to the Miss University of Mobile Legacy Scholarship.


1965 Sally Holmes
1966 Susan Lavinghouze Hines
1967 Elsie Williams Yates
1968 Karen Meader Slaughter
1969 Patsy Jackson Boone
1970 Noel Peavy Connell
1971 Brenda Murfin Marchman
1972 Joanie Munger Glisson
1973 Anna Lee Bright Dunn
1974 Angela Fidler Sigler
1975 Cheryl Ellis Barrow
1976 Janet Thompson Wilson
1977 Pam Merritt Caldwell
1978 Twila Presley Darnell
1979 Denise Hartmann Echterling
1980 Terry Megginson Walton
1981 Bettina Carter Ebersold
1982 Evelyn Amacker Ward
1983 Elizabeth Grow Trammell
1984 Melissa Yarber Barnes
1985 Gigi Lovoy Lee
1985 Kathy Perkins Lee
1986 Jan McGukin Bergdolt
1987 Mary Reeves Shirey
1988 Letitia Jones Avery
1989 Sharee Kemp Romine
1990 Julie Hatcher Ralph
1991 Stacey Wilson Riddle
1992 Lori Gaston Haight
1993 Tiffany Young Vaughn
1994 Marci Keyes Shirley
1995 Shannon Simmons
1996 Keri Campbell Dailey
1997 Marie Bedwell Bishop
1998 Joy Dickson Lockwood
1999 Donna Wells Saliba
2000 Christin Kelly Bumstead
2001 Erin Oelshlaeger Gautney
2002 Candice Bryant Peters
2003 Sarah Wilkerson Walley
2004 Christy Wynn Williams
2005 Dayna Schaumann
2006 Scarlette O’Hara
2007 Jaye Herrod Durkin
2008 Alana Swindler O’Leary
2009 Kylie Watkins Threadgill
2010 Sarah Becky Spain
2011 Cierra Giles Windle
2012 Addison Garner
2013 Ember Langley
2014 Brooke Sanders
2015 Emily Danforth
2016 Miranda Freeman Stringer
2017 Chelsey Sayasane Sklopan
2018 Erica Burleson Lyn
2019 Raven Young Casey
2020/21 Abigail Breland
2022 Ashlyn Nichols
2023 Michaella Johnson
2024 Anna Katherine Bell