Avery Woods is a close-knit community of cottages. Cottages are suite-style and feature a shared bathroom among 4 residents. Avery Woods is available for all students and is a mix of freshmen and upperclassmen.


Bedroom Window: 44” Wide x 60” Long
3 Living room Windows: 41” Wide x 56” Long
Closet: 35” Wide
Bedframe: 38” Wide x 85” Long x 36” High
Shower Curtain: 29” Wide x 78” High
Bathroom Counter: 32” High
Ceiling Height: 8’ High
Room Size: 11’ Wide x 18’ Long
Twin Size Bed

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Building includes:

  • Laundry Facilities

    Located at the front of the cottages, a common laundry space is available to all cottage residents.

  • It's Free!

    Free Wi-Fi, Free Cable TV, Free Toilet Paper, Free Laundry w/text notifications.

Rooms include:

  • Everything you Need

    Each bedroom includes 2 of each of the following: twin beds, desk, chair dresser, closet Unfurnished Living room with built in cabinets for storage shared by all 4 residents.

  • Bathrooms

    Suite style bathrooms that are just shared between you and your suite mates.

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There is a Residential Assistant on each hall who provides relational investment, mentorship,
and helps with questions or concerns