The parks are available for Graduate Students.


Living Room 150" x 170"
TV Stand 60" x 19" x 22" (LWH)
Front Window 60" x 30"
Back Window 60" x 40"
Kitchen Counter 86" x 20" (LW)
Kitchen Table 35" x 30" (x2)
Bedroom 172" x 111" 
Closet 46" x 24" x 60" (To the Shelf)
Bedroom Window 60" x 40"
Bed 83" x 38" x 32" (LWH) (Twin Bed)
Desk 40" x 20" x 30" (LWH)
Dresser 30" x 18" x 36" (LWH)
Bathroom 62" x 54" (LW)
Shower 53" x 24" x 75" (Shower Head)
Sink/Counter 24.5" x 22.5" x 35.5" (LWH)

Each Module includes:

  • Full Kitchen

    Full Kitchen with Table and Chairs

  • Living Room

    Living room equipped with Couch, Chair, and TV console

  • It's Free!

    Free Wi-Fi, Free Cable TV, Free Toilet Paper, Free Laundry

Tier Options:

  • Tier One

    Private Bedroom, Shared Bathroom, One Closet, Twin Bed, Desk, Chair.

  • Tier Two

    Shared Bedroom, Shared Bathroom. One Closet Per Roommate, Twin Beds, Desks, Chairs Per Room Mate.

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There is a Residential Assistant on each hall who provides relational investment, mentorship,
and helps with questions or concerns