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The Student Success Center at the University of Mobile has helped many students grow into their future careers. One of these students is Elise Johnson, a junior UM Ambassador working toward a double major in communication and English.

“My favorite thing about UM as far as pushing my degree forward has been the Student Success Center. I’ve been able to shadow a lot of successful people in the community such as the mayor’s communications coordinator and other public relations professionals in Mobile,” said Elise.

Shadowing and building relationships with local professionals has helped Elise prepare for a career while still in college by finding internships and giving her practical experience.

“It’s great to have the academics teaching me what to do, but it’s amazing to have the practical experience as well. I’m able to apply things I’ve learned from my internships into my classes, and it helps me see what I can actually do with my degree.”

Elise built these connections with the help of Lawrencine Mason, career services coordinator in the Student Success Center at the University of Mobile. Elise works part-time in the Student Success Center.

“A lot of people at UM have poured into me, especially Lawrencine. When I am working at the Student Success Center, Lawrencine checks in on me to make sure I know what my tasks are for the day, but she does more than that. She mentors me outside of work by making sure that I’m making time for myself, reading my bible in the morning, making sure that I am keeping up with all my work, and even checking in on me during breaks,” said Elise.

Everything that Elise learns at the University of Mobile will help with her future career goals of event planning.

“The connections I’ve been able to make while at UM will help me out in my future career. Every aspect of UM has prepared me to move forward through learning how to build and maintain personal connections with others.”

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Zac Douglas is the marketing communications specialist for the University of Mobile. He graduated from the University of Mississippi in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in integrated marketing and communications. As marketing communications specialist, Zac is responsible for writing and strategizing content about the university, assisting with media relations, and handling other marketing and communications projects. He is an active member at Cottage Hill Baptist Church and enjoys spending his time surfing, skating and climbing.