UM Personal Counseling and Consultation Service 
The mission of UM counseling services is to assist currently enrolled students in obtaining counseling appropriate to their needs, provide consultation and crisis intervention services to students and others concerned with students’ emotional well-being, and teach healthy coping skills to students through outreach efforts. These services are provided within a developmental framework while reflecting the values of a Christian community. The counseling office has a holistic approach, asserting that students must be grounded in who they are and intellectually, spiritually, physically, and emotionally healthy in order to succeed academically.
 *Please see the Student Handbook about the Psychological & Emotional Health of University of Mobile Students.
Individual counseling services include an initial session to build rapport and a review of the student’s concern (assessment), treatment planning, and intervention in the form of short-term counseling sessions.
Here are a few examples of concerns for which students seek assistance:
  • Personal Concerns: anxiety/panic attacks, loneliness, depression, anger, guilt, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, self-injury. Tension/Stress Management: insomnia/sleep hygiene, coping skills, relaxation techniques, and academic concerns (test anxiety, poor study habits or performance).
  • Relationship Concerns: Roommate problems, social skills, communication in relationships, understanding personality type (introversion/extroversion) in relationship to others
  • Developmental Concerns: ADHD/Learning disorders, adjustment to environmental changes, eating disorders, grief, crisis pregnancy, identity and spiritual concerns
  • Students in need of drug or alcohol prevention materials and/or treatment may visit (
  • The counselor is able to provide referrals as appropriate and a safe haven for any students desiring help without academic/residential sanctions. More information is available in the University Student Handbook.
  • Students in crisis may contact the counselor at 251.442.2639 if during office hours, the RA on call at 251.442.2990, the Altapointe Crisis Line at 251.450.2211, or dial/text 988 from any phone. Information on suicide prevention and care can be found at (
This is not meant to be a comprehensive list. Students may have concerns other than the ones mentioned. The staff is available and willing to talk with students with whatever their concerns may be and may provide outside referrals as needed.
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