UM 101

UM 101 is a course for all new undergraduate University of Mobile students that focuses on exploring majors and developing career readiness. 
Your instructor will be a faculty member from the academic area of your major. This is to connect you, in your first semester at UM, to UM faculty experts in your chosen career field.
Each class has a UM student serving as your Peer Leader.
Peer Leaders will help answer any questions you have along the way, aid class lectures, and help inform you of campus events and UM opportunities.
Weaver Hall and Globe

Throughout the semester, you will encounter a range of issues, both philosophical and practical, to strengthen your academic growth and professional readiness. You will:

  1. Build a foundation for success in your chosen degree plan

  2. Enhance the learning experience in your field

  3. Develop skills, perspectives and attitudes to excel at UM and in your future career