Known for Faith: Alumni Spotlight – Mary Wiley

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Mary Wiley

The University of Mobile prepares students for all areas of life, service and faith. Mary Wiley is just one example.

“UM continued to cultivate the growing love I had for the Church and for God’s people to know and love Him well,” says Mary Wiley, author of “Everyday Theology.”

Wiley graduated from the University of Mobile in 2009 and majored in English and Christian studies. She is now the manager of marketing at B&H Publishing Group. Wiley also just published her first book, “Everyday Theology, an 8-session Bible study walking thro

ugh the key doctrines of the Christian faith.

“Through this process, I’ve seen God help others better understand truths about Scripture, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Humanity, Redemption, Church, and the End Times. I’m praying that other churches use this and see God grow and mold those who walk through it to better understand Scripture and how the truths of Scripture apply to their everyday lives, with the goal of more rightly knowing and worshiping God,” says Wiley.

Wiley’s time at UM prepared her for exactly where she is today.

“These programs prepared me well with instruction in Systematic Theology and in writing in a way that communicates clearly,” she says.

Wiley says that professors modeled what they were teaching. She had some university leaders play a role in getting her where she is today, as well. Wiley says, “I had some leaders who gave me opportunities to lead others and to develop plans for ministry, which have been incredibly valuable in all ministry settings.”

While a student at UM, Wiley also participated in Campus Ministries, served as a resident assistant for a year, and ran cross country for two seasons.