Alumni Network Leads to Powerful Ministry

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When Patrick Trawick ’06 was searching for a worship pastor to join a new church plant he was leading in North Carolina, he called fellow University of Mobile graduate Zach Adamson ’09 for a recommendation. The two had traveled during their school years with the ensemble Vision, and Zach was now serving as worship pastor at 3Circle Church, where another …

When Nashville Calls

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Meredith McCarson was 16 years old when she realized the Lord was calling her to Nashville, TN. This realization came when her father Ronnie McCarson, pastor of senior adults at Cottage Hill Baptist Church, took her to visit Music Row. Meredith fell in love with the city. Over the years, Meredith never lost sight of her Nashville dream and worked …

Shining Light

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Morgan Carnley is grateful to University of Mobile for lighting the path to her future. Today, Morgan is a shining example of how giving back to the community leads to opportunities. “Had I not attended the University of Mobile, I would never have met John and Dolores Eads and joined their team at Light of the Village,” said Morgan. John …

Achieving My Dream

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Megan Brazel isn’t a school teacher, but when she goes to work every day she teaches people from around the world the importance of protecting the natural environment. The University of Mobile 2010 graduate is a park ranger for the National Park Service at Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Megan has worked in all three districts of Cape Hatteras National Seashore, …

Jordan & Whitney Van Matre w/Kennedy

A Gospel of Grace

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Jordan Van Matre ’07, Owner/President, The Law Office of Jordan K. Van Matre, P.C.   “I’ve got this outward appearance that I’ve got it all together,” he said. “But God knows my heart, and I know the condition of my heart. Despite that, Christ loves me and accepts me as I am. The Gospel is about accepting that fact, and …

Kelcie Kinchen Stockstill, 3rd from left

The University That Gives Back

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I can remember my first time driving onto campus. The towering, peaceful oak trees shading the entrance on each side seemed to sort of welcome you in, like you were coming home. I found that to be true during my time at the University of Mobile. I didn’t quite know what to expect that day back in 2011, but I …

The Ram Became a Duck

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When I moved to Mobile for my freshman year at University of Mobile, the most common question was (and still is): What do you do in Mobile? Determined to figure out what it is we do in this city, I started exploring every Sunday afternoon. It became my habit to pack a lunch and get lost in Mobile for a …

Dear College Me: A Letter to My College Self

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Dear College Me, You survived college! You made it. It’s 2016 and apparently writing letters to your past self is the cool thing to do. Except we don’t use words like “cool”… try “fleek” or “dab” or something random like saying goodbye to your friend Felicia. Anyway, 18-21-year-old self, I’m writing to share some tips about navigating college and setting …

Rebecca Capone Johnson | Tim Johnson | Mazie Grace Johnson – Photography by Brian Kelley

This is What it Means to be Family

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When I was a student at the University of Mobile, we talked a lot about the “University of Mobile family.” It’s amazing how, in just four years, you can become so close to people who once were strangers, that you really do feel a special bond. It’s graduation season now, and I think back to when I graduated and was …

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Jared Freeman ’11

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Jared Freeman President/CEO, Alabama State Employees Credit Union University of Mobile Class of 2011 Bachelor of Science in Finance Master of Business Administration 5-year Integrated MBA Program