Ambria Reed, Classroom

Why Elementary Education?

Carley HamricEducation

I have always heard that it takes a special type of person to be a teacher. We all know that being a teacher is a tough gig, yet very rewarding. In pursuing education as my major at the University of Mobile, God has reminded me of why I wanted to be a teacher in the first place.

It is through my professors at UM that I am learning what it really means to be a teacher. The love and compassion they show in the classroom is what I want to mirror in my own life.

Teaching is so much more than merely fulfilling a job requirement of teaching students set material. It is also showing love and compassion toward students as if they are one’s own children.

The main reason I desire to teach is to have a positive influence in children’s lives. And that’s exactly what the University of Mobile has had on me. It has a positive influence on my life whether I’m in the classroom, on the volleyball court or just walking on campus. The University of Mobile has opened my eyes to see God in everything around me, especially when I was not searching.

I enjoy observing a child’s development as they improve upon their schoolwork and within their life. As I teach in the future, I plan to put the lessons I am learning at the University of Mobile into practice. I want to help my students understand their self-worth. I want the students to know that they are important, so I plan to have an encouraging environment within the classroom.

I want to educate children to live a life greater than themselves.

God continues to make it clear every day that education is the right path for me, that this is a stepping stone of God’s Divine Plan. As I would begin to question whether or not God wanted me to teach, He reassured me of His plan for my life through prayer and communion.

Here’s a word of advice: be patient as you wait on the Lord to reveal His plan for your life. His revelations are not given to you from a one-time encounter, but through an every day relationship with Him. His timing is perfect, and He will reveal His unique plan for your life as you continually pursue Him.