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3 Ways UM Shaped My Life

Emily DealAlumni, News, Student Life

Graduating from high school and facing the unknowns of my future was an overwhelming experience, to say the least.

I had many choices to make in a small amount of time, but deciding to attend the University of Mobile has proven to be the remarkable foundation I needed to launch into adulthood.

The growth of my faith, the rich community and the quality of my education are some of the overarching themes when I think back on my UM experience. 

Faith, community and education


Until I attended college, my beliefs were primarily formed around those of my parents. But at the University of Mobile, my faith flourished and truly became my own.

I had the opportunity to attend weekly worship services, participate in student-led bible studies and find a local church to serve. These things helped ground me in my faith and connect me with like-minded Christians.

I also was given the chance to go on a campus trip with Youth Hostel Missions to Europe. We visited seven countries – from Rome to Amsterdam – and shared the Gospel with other travelers while experiencing Christian community and discipleship. 


I built a community in several ways at the University of Mobile – as a roommate, Residential Advisor and Art student.

As a roommate, I learned to live in close quarters with a stranger who eventually became my best friend. We didn’t know one another before and the Lord used our time, in a small dorm room, to grow a relationship that would last our entire college experience.

Eventually, I became a Residential Advisor where I learned to foster relationships between young women from all walks of life. I was a mentor for them during their time at UM as they navigated faith, academia and life.

Finally, as an art student, I shared my love of creativity with my peers and had the opportunity to spend long hours in the studios laughing and making art together. 

Quality of Education

Professors at UM provided me with all of the knowledge I needed to step into the professional world.

Education in liberal arts allowed me to understand how history, philosophy and the fine arts influence the world around us.

My Christian Worldview class prepared me for the challenges I would face as a Christian in a secular world. I learned interview etiquette, resume formatting and how to organize my work into a professional portfolio. The completion of my internship provided me with valuable real-world experience.

UM shaped my life

All of these things allowed me to step into my career seamlessly when I graduated from UM – none of which would have been possible without the care and attention the professors and staff provided me.

Faith, community and education are three words that sum up the benefits of UM experience. I truly value the time I spent at the University of Mobile, and the lessons that I learned there have had a long-lasting impact on my personal and professional life.