4 Lessons From 4 Years of College

Maya LewellynNews

It has been such a joy to attend the University of Mobile since my freshman year of college. UM strives to prepare students for their calling by creating an environment that reflects the love of Christ.

Although four years of college flies by, those four years are a transformative time for students. Since I stepped foot on campus in 2016, I have learned more about Christ and grown as a person. Here are four important lessons that I learned during these four years:

1. Biblical Foundation

Christian Worldview and the Mission and Message of Jesus are two required classes at the University of Mobile that provide students a biblical foundation for understanding the Christian faith. Although I had been walking with the Lord for several years before taking either class, Christian Worldview taught me information that I had not learned before. Additionally, I took Intercultural Perspectives as a freshman. That class was foundational to me, and I learned that God’s redemptive plan started in Genesis. This new knowledge led to a deeper love for the Lord.

2. Confidence in the Lord

Over the past four years, various challenges in life have led me to become more confident in the truth of the Bible and the characteristics of the Lord. I have learned my ultimate sense of belonging is not found in things of this world, but in Him. Since I am His child, I can freely rest, enjoying His presence.

3. Thankfulness vs. Idolatry

Throughout my time at UM, my relationship with the Lord has impacted the way I interact with others. I have learned how to better include other people in conversation and in my life. Additionally, I have learned the difference between thankfulness and idolatry. I can thank the Lord for them without putting them on a pedestal. My mentors and friends are a blessing from the Lord; they shouldn’t become a lord in my life. When I expect too much from my friends, I have put a burden on them that they were never meant to have. They beautifully reflect the Lord and remind me of His glory; however, my hope and security should not be found in my relationships with them, because my needs and hope are met by the Lord alone.

4. Boldness

Lastly, I have a boldness that I lacked before college. I am confident in what I know and am no longer intimidated by people who are smarter than me. When I entered college, it was hard for me to open up; now, I am not afraid to share and be vulnerable in front of others. In college, I also started to not shy away from healthy communication, even if it included hard conversations. My comfort zone has grown, so I am comfortable with discomfort because challenges can help produce growth.

The last four years of my life have been an incredible journey. Because of the University of Mobile, I have enjoyed late night adventures and playing mafia with friends, tea dates, dancing and laughter.  I am so thankful for the wonderful memories I have made and the life lessons I have learned along the way.