5 Must-Take Photos at the University of Mobile

Sydney SnowNews, Student Life

The University of Mobile has a beautiful campus spanning over 880 acres. There are many beautiful spots throughout the campus, like the swings beneath the live oaks. However, there are some spots where you cannot help but want to take a picture.

These must-take photos include:

The Ram Statue. The class of 2008 presented the university with the aluminum statue of the university’s mascot. For those wanting to take a picture with the statue, it is located at the triangle of land between Weaver Hall and the residential areas.

Pollock-Almayer Drive. The beautiful driveway is the first thing you see when you arrive at campus. Once you pass the gatehouse, you drive beneath majestic live oak trees toward the flag plaza and Weaver Hall. This has been the site of many formal, prom and graduation pictures.

L. Bedsole Library/Bedsole Commons. In 2019, the university remodeled the library to include a student center, exercise facility, Common Grounds coffee shop and the grill, plus The University of Mobile Store. The library now includes leather couches and seating areas for students to study in comfort. One specific area that makes for a beautiful picture is the left room of the library. It features a couch in front of a wall of books. The lighting is exceptionally good for photography, thanks to the wall of windows.

Lyon Chapel. Whenever anyone takes pictures at the University of Mobile, they always include Lyon Chapel. It is a beautiful white chapel that makes you feel as if you were in a piece of art. To get to the chapel, take the circular road around the campus until you see the small white chapel on the right.

The Great Commission Globe. This is a really special area for many people. The first thing you do at the University of Mobile as a student is touch the globe — after you unpack, of course — to signify the start of your collegiate career. At graduation, you will also touch the globe to signify the end of your collegiate career. The globe is in the middle of the Great Commission Lawn.