5 Reason Why You Can Work Full Time While Earning an MBA

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Earning a master’s degree while working full time is not only possible – it’s is so rewarding. As I’m getting my Master of Business Administration while working a full-time job, I realize I have learned so much more about myself by doing both, and it has given me such a level of independence.

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. It has taught me a lot of self-discipline. There are days and nights that I would love to just push off the homework or a shift at work, but when I convince myself to do it, the feeling of accomplishment is so astounding I feel like I can accomplish anything.

2. Another reason is that when I am considering finding a career, or when employers  are looking at me, my resume looks great to them when it shows what I have completed while working a full-time job. For a company, it shows them you are a very dedicated worker and can manage multiple tasks and priorities.

3. Because I am in business classes, a lot of the material we cover deals with things that I work with on a daily basis. It makes it much easier to understand, because not only am I reading about it – I’m enacting the same policies and ideas that we study.

4. Not only does it help me at school, it also helps me to make my business better. Since I am a manager of a business, learning in class how to market, promote, and make better financial decisions has really helped me to build a better company for my customers as well as become a better leader for my employees.

5. This journey has helped me to grow in my faith as well. Getting the degree I am and holding the position at my company that I do has shown me just how much of an impact I have on people, and understand better the struggle a lot of people are going through. I can use this experience to better help and guide people to Christ, which in turn helps me in my walk of faith.

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Spencer Kahalley

Spencer Kahalley is an intern in the marketing department of the University of Mobile. He will graduate in the spring of 2021 with his Master of Business Administration with a focus on marketing. He is active with student activities such as Ram Rush, movie nights, study groups and community events. He is also the manager of Bebo’s carwash, a local business. He enjoys baseball, making memories with friends and family, as well as getting to know new people.