5 Tips to Success in an Online Course

Sydney SnowASOTA, Business, Christian Studies, Education, Graduate, News, Sciences

I took my first online class when I was in my sophomore year at the University of Mobile. I was excited to finally say I have taken one, but I was also a little nervous to take a non-traditional course. Through my experience, I have found that UM Online courses are just as effective as in-person classes, and they can even be helpful for those who need a more flexible schedule. There were some challenges for me to adjust to online classes; however, there are simple ways to overcome those challenges.

Set goals for the day. Procrastinating your work while outside of the classroom is an easy thing to do and can be even easier when you do not go to a classroom. Set a goal for how much homework or studying you want to complete that day. You will find that all your work gets done in a timely manner, which takes stress and pressure off you.

Get up as if you are going to class. Treat online classes the same as you would a traditional class. Get up, move around, and properly prepare your books and other supplies. This will put you in a good headspace as if you were going to an actual class.

Start assignments before the end of the week. Assignments in online courses are often due at the end of the week. It can be easy to put off assignments and cram the material into one or two days. Do not put off the assignments until the day of or the day before the due date. Starting assignments in a timely manner will give you more time to properly complete the assignment and decrease stress.

Do some work outside. If possible, try to get fresh air and sun while doing your work. Working in a non-stressful environment can give you the best chance of taking all the information in.

Keep your professors informed. Your professors at the University of Mobile want to help you succeed as much as they can. Keep them updated on how well you understand the material. This allows them to provide the proper help you need to be a successful student. Also, do not be afraid to ask questions. Email your professor or send a message on canvas about any problem. The teacher is there to help you.

Every professor I have had in a traditional class here at UM has been more than helpful with any question or concern that I have. When any sort of problem arose in my work or personal life, my professors encouraged me through it and offered help any way that they could give. I can say the same about the online professors I have had at UM as well. When a problem arises, they want to help in any way they can.