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The University of Mobile has a beautiful campus, and UM students should be sure to make the most of it! With over 880 acres to choose from, it’s easy to find your favorite study spots. Here are a few of mine:

Bedsole Commons  |  Bedsole Commons is one of the most popular places to study on campus. Within Bedsole Commons, there is Common Grounds coffee shop, the Student Commons, Ram Grille, Spirit Shop, fitness center and the library. These spaces offer a variety of study options. Whether I want to have people around me to talk to, or if I need some quiet time, Bedsole Commons has it all. It can be quite useful studying here if you are doing a group project or having a group study session, because the Student Commons is a big space and, unlike the library, you do not have to worry about being quiet. Of course, the library is there when you need a quiet study spot or to research your assignment. I enjoy Common Grounds where I can get a quick pick-me-up coffee and Ram Grille to satisfy my hunger. Bedsole Commons has everything I could want for a great study session at my disposal.

The Academic Park  |  I love sitting at the outdoor tables in the Academic Park, located between Ben May, Gardner and Farmer halls. The nice, fresh air brings such a sense of peace while doing homework. Listening to the birds chirp and the wind blowing through the trees takes all the stress away from upcoming assignments. Not only does this location provide students with some much-needed outdoors time, but it comes in handy to be so near to the professors of the College of Arts and Sciences to ask questions about your work.

The Swings  |  A great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of college life is the swings placed around campus. There are wooden swings in various spots, including in front of Bedsole Hall, by the Ram, and near the fountain between Weaver and Martin halls. The swings are good places to enjoy the outdoors, get alone with your thoughts and channel your inner productive side.

The Trees by Harrigan  |  As you drive down to Harrigan Hall, there is a big space filled with trees. To the naked eye, it just looks like nice wooded area. However, paint the trees with the vibrant colors of hammocks and you have yourself a prime study spot. There is nothing more relaxing and de-stressing than sitting in a hammock and being productive. It’s an opportunity to get alone time, or you can invite all of your friends just for a change in location. This is a great spot to get unplugged from social media and the distractions of the internet and focus on what needs to get done.

Every student has a different way of studying and different preferences on what surroundings they need. At the University of Mobile, there is a place for everyone to be as productive as possible. The beautiful campus and the amazing facilities set students up for success in the classroom.

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Noah Walters is a sophomore at the University of Mobile with a double major in Management and Integrated Marketing Communications. He is a marketing intern for the university's Office for Marketing and Public Relations, and is also on the Campus Activities Board (CAB). Noah enjoys spending time with his friends playing games, but also finding alone time while doing jigsaw puzzles.