God Gave Me a Gift

Asia HaithNews

Why did I choose the University of Mobile? Because God led me here. I wasn’t even thinking about music; I was thinking about marine biology. I didn’t want to go to a college in Alabama at all. I grew up in Virginia, and when my parents moved us to Alabama, well, being moved away from what I knew, it just tore me up.

I’m the first one in my family to go to college. We went on a campus tour this summer. It’s amazing here. The professors are so willing to help you. Even if you are afraid to ask the question, they are like, “Talk to me.” They will text you and see if there is anything in class you need help understanding. They check up on you.

Music is something I need. My mom said to find something you want to wake up to every morning, where you would have a big smile on your face. Being a worship leader is my No. 1 thing. It’s what has kept me going my entire life. When I think of music or worship leadership, I think of allowing what God gave me to bless someone else.

God gave me a gift, and I need to use it. The University of Mobile is helping me do that. Being here with professors and friends who are so willing to help me reach my goals for my future is amazing.