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How to Find a Church in College

Zac DouglasNews, Student Life

Going to college is a fun time in each student’s life, but it can be a time when students drift away from the church. Finding a home church in college gives students mentors, community, and a way to grow their faith in a critical point in their life. The University of Mobile has multiple ways for students to find the right church for their time in college.

The first step of finding a church in college is finding out what’s most important to you in a church. The type of music, missions, teaching, and community can all play a factor in what a student is looking for.

The University of Mobile hosts the For The Church Expo each year. Local churches set up booths for students to explore. This allows students to see what the local churches offer and see what their college ministry is like.

The University of Mobile also requires chapel for all students. Speakers from local churches lead each week and share their story with the student body. This give students a chance to hear what local pastors’ sermons are like.

Ram Rush is an event for incoming students to get connected with the university. Each Ram Rush leader invites their group to their local church and assists students in finding the church that fits them best.

The University of Mobile works to help students get involved in a local church and build a community that deepens their faith.