How to Thrive as a College Commuter

Sydney SnowASOTA, Business, Christian Studies, Education, Graduate, Health, News, Sciences, Student Life

I spent my freshman year living on-campus at the University of Mobile. In that year, I made friends that supported me no matter where I lived. When I moved back home in my sophomore year, I struggled with the thought of being unable to attend activities hosted by the university due to distance and a part-time job. However, I discovered the University of Mobile makes it easy for commuter students to be part of campus life while living at home.

Check the different activity schedules. The University of Mobile uses multiple channels to reach students and provide them with a schedule of all activities and events. These schedules include “The Rundown,” weekly text messages, and messages posted on tv monitors around campus.

Schedule around university events. Many students have jobs outside the university. Balancing school, work and fun can seem impossible at times, but it does not have to be. Most part-time jobs are willing to work around school schedules and events. You can still attend events and activities by letting your manager know ahead of time.

Find friends that encourage you to participate in events. Making lasting relationships is a major part of the college experience. Surrounding yourself with people who want to enjoy activities and events offered by the university will positively impact your experience.

Join a group, club or community. There are many groups, clubs and organizations associated with the University of Mobile that host events and activities on-campus, off-campus and after school hours. This can provide more opportunities for commuters and transfer students to be involved and make friends.

Be open to interacting with students outside of your normal friend group. There are times when your friends will be busy with school and work. Do not be afraid to engage in a conversation with a classmate or another student. There is potential to form new relationships and open new doors in your life.