Love from a Distance

Maya LewellynNews

According to Google Maps, I live 120 miles away from the University of Mobile or a little over a two-hour drive when there is no traffic on the road.

Although I am still over two hours away from UM, I do not feel that far away from the loving environment UM creates for their students.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all on campus classes are being delivered in an online format. Even though the online learning experience looks different than being in a classroom, UM’s faculty and staff have continued to make their students feel known.

The UM faculty and staff are demonstrating that you don’t have to be within walking distance to love someone well.

Over my extended spring break, Madame Brousseau, associate professor of French, asked who I am staying with and how is my family doing. Before classes started back, we had a Zoom test run, and I mentioned I wanted to learn how to bake bread. When I told her my goal, I never imagined how supportive she would be by helping me achieve my goal. Since then, she has sent me videos on how to bake bread and updated me on how her baking is going. Even though I am at home, Madame Brousseau continues to go above and beyond to love on and serve her students.

Student Life also has not disappeared from my life while I am at home. In addition to working tirelessly to prepare for next year, they also have been loving UM’s students from a distance. My University Ministries team leaders asked for our addresses. I am excited that I’ll be getting a note of encouragement from them soon.

I am an intern in the Marketing & PR department at UM. Amber Kelley, my intern supervisor, has also been supportive and encouraging as I have been away from UM. Over a Zoom conference, before she gave an update on how to continue with my internship, she wanted to know how my life has been since spring break.  She also asked for prayer requests and prayed for me before hanging up. Over the call, she reiterated how she is still available when I need help.  I confidently know if I have any questions or need any help, she’s one of the first people I can turn to.

I am truly blessed that God has purposefully placed UM’s faculty and staff in my life during this time. I have no doubt while I am home, I will continue to be in touch with UM’s faculty. They have reminded me I am loved and prayed for. No matter how far I am, I know UM’s faculty will continue to love me from 120 miles away.

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(L to R) Top: Raygan Salors, AnnaKate Burleson, Tabitha Robinson
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