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When I first came to the University of Mobile, my favorite quote that the school displayed was, “Know and Be Known.” My understanding of it was to know who you are in order to get to know what your purpose is. I have always had a love for writing, and I knew in my heart that it was my calling. 

UM has paved a vision for me in my career. I have had many opportunities in expanding my writing skills and even getting feedback in helping me to become a better writer. Criticism is not always taken as a bad thing. It can help you along the way to become better at what you do. 

I’ve learned that God gives us all a vision to see what calling we are supposed to fulfill. Some people may not understand your purpose, but it is your journey. You can be great at different things in life, but it is that one thing that makes you happy or stand out. 

If you don’t know your calling just yet, it is okay. That is where growth takes place for you to blossom into who or what you are created to do. So, don’t give up!

Be different. Be true. But, most importantly, be you. 

About the Author

Martionna Salinas

Martionna Salinas is a senior at the University of Mobile, where she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing with a minor in English. Martionna is currently gaining experience as a student intern with the university’s marketing department. She also works as a career coach on campus at the Student Success Center. She likes writing, traveling and spending time with family and friends.