Ram Rush Welcomes New Students to College

Zac DouglasNews

Going to college can be intimidating. You’re leaving your parents, searching for new friends, and beginning life on your own. But don’t worry, that’s what Ram Rush at the University of Mobile is here for.

Ram Rush is a welcome week specifically designed to help new students create new friendships, build school spirit, and learn what college is all about. Ram Rush student leaders know firsthand why the events are important, because they were new students just a few years ago.

“Ram Rush is important because it teaches new students so many different facts and tips about their university through orientations, scavenger hunts and expos. It also allows for ice breakers full of fun events such as Goodwill Gala, a pool party and bonfire which allows for friendships to form,” says Lauren Bodino, a senior majoring in biology pre-med.

These types of events help students push past the initial awkwardness that comes with any new experience and allows new friendships and bonds to develop. Sophie Eberhard, a senior graphic design major, says “I wouldn’t have the incredible friends I have now if it wasn’t for Goodwill Gala!”

Charlie Gessner, a senior intercultural studies major, recommends that new students, “Go ahead and break down your walls.  If you are an extrovert, prepare for introverted circumstances. If you are an introvert, prepare for extroverted situations.”

Bodino says, “The most important thing I have learned from Ram Rush is to truly buy into it. College will absolutely be what you make of it. So, dress up, scream loud and show up!”

Ram Rush also helps students explore different churches in the Mobile area to find a church home where they can serve during their college years.

Ram Rush is the perfect welcome week to break down the fear of college and cultivate new and old friendships. It teaches students lessons about college life, how to juggle their schedules, and shows them what the University of Mobile is all about.

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