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Stories Worth Sharing: Ashlyn Nichols Mitchell

Molly Grace WatkinsAlumni, News

Ashlyn Nichols Mitchell
Multimedia Journalist, FOX10 News
Bachelor of Arts in Communication ’22
Miss University of Mobile 2022

I love that each day is different- no day is the same, and the fact that I get to share people’s stories is something that I am extremely grateful for.

-Ashlyn Nichols Mitchell ’22

“The idea of meeting new people daily and getting to share their stories is the driving factor behind my career,” says Ashlyn Nichols Mitchell, multimedia journalist at FOX10 News

The Communication major went straight from the classroom to the newsroom upon graduating from the University of Mobile in May of 2022. Her time at UM shaped her into the journalist she is today.

A typical day for Ashlyn is never the same, however, the bulk of her tasks are very similar. As a multimedia journalist, she shoots, edits, writes, voices and fronts her news stories. She is responsible for setting up interviews and coordinating every part of her day. Most people don’t realize she actually films and edits most of her stories!

Ashlyn attributes her love for stories and her love for people to her time at UM. She found a family here, and a group of people that would support her and lift her up when she needed it most.

“Ever since I touched the Great Commission Globe on graduation day, I have felt sent, supported and loved by my UM family,” Ashlyn says.

Q. What have you been up to since graduation? 


A.  Since leaving UM, I’ve been growing as a journalist at FOX10 News. I’ve held the hands of parents who’ve lost children to gun violence, reported on industrial developments, informed viewers about severe weather, told stories of families who’ve lost everything in house fires and had to start over, and even set up a bear trap for a biological black bear study in Mobile County. Those are just a few of the amazing things that I have gotten to be a part of since starting my career here!

Q. What do you love about your work? 

A.   People! There are stories I’ve cried tears of grief over, and stories I’ve cried tears of happiness over. I could be covering breaking news on a house fire and sharing ways to help the victims, or I could be going live from a petting zoo. It just depends on the day, and every day is different.


Q. What is a typical day like? 

A.  I’m multimedia journalist which means there is rarely a typical day in the newsroom! Yet, the structure usually goes something like this: first, we meet during a morning meeting to pitch story ideas. We are then assigned to our stories and have the rest of the day to make them happen. We must be ready by at least 4 or 5 p.m. each day for our live shots! Live shots can happen in our studio or pretty much anywhere our stories take place. I’ve gone live in water up to my shins in flooded areas and have even gone live from the Blue Angels base. 

Q. How would you say your time at UM helped prepare you for this? 

A. UM gave me the biblical foundation I needed in a secular world. Working in news media is far from easy – we truly see so much. Knowing who I am in Christ and knowing I have hope in eternity gives me peace in a busy, often high-stress environment. I am thankful for the intentionality and discipleship I received.

Q. What did you like most about UM? 

A. Community! I know that’s a common answer, but it’s true. I am originally from Missouri, a 14-hour drive from Mobile. On Move-In Day, I didn’t know a soul. I quickly found a family in the University of Mobile, and I will always treasure that. 

My biggest word of advice to prospective students is to take advantage of everything UM has to offer. There will truly only be one season like this during your lifetime ­– getting to be surrounded by mentors, professors and friends that love you is a blessing. Lean into the resources UM has to offer, and you’ll discover not only a close relationship with others, but an even closer relationship to our Savior.

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