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Take a Break and Rest!

Maya LewellynNews

College can be a busy season for students, between academics, different events to attend, spending time with friends, and possibly having a job.  Thankfully, the University of Mobile does not have any classes on Fridays; they call these days “Focus Fridays.” That gives students more free time, so students can take a break.

When I first became a student at UM, I didn’t understand the importance of rest and how to rest. I made too many plans and constantly overextended myself.

Through traveling to Italy with UM, I saw what rest looks like in a healthy way. Italy prioritized rest. Culturally, resting wasn’t lazy; it was important and necessary. A human body isn’t made to be constantly going, and taking a break can increase someone’s productivity.

Here are three things I do to make sure I rest.

  1. I remember the importance of rest. God demonstrated rest (Gen. 2:7), and then He later commanded us to also rest (Ex. 20:8-11). When people do not rest, they become slaves to work. Resting is a gift that strips us of our pride and allows us to humble ourselves before God. It is a reminder that only God is sufficient, and humans are not.
  2. Prioritize rest. I make sure I schedule in a time to rest and then protect that time. That means I say, “No,” when I get asked to do something after I already planned to rest.
  3. Make sure rest is something fun. Resting doesn’t always mean doing something mind-numbing. It can be doing something you don’t get the chance to normally do. For me, it’s setting up my hammock on campus and drawing.

Rest is a refreshing time to enjoy the Lord and reflect upon His goodness.  It doesn’t have to be complicated; so, enjoy a Focus Friday to the fullest and go take a break!