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Thanks UM – Mikayla Persons

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The University of Mobile has surrounded me with friends, faculty and staff, and a community that push me to excel in my academics, as well as my spiritual walk with God. Going to chapel with other students and having conversation with friends is a true encouragement to my faith. Being at a Christian university, I’ve been able to grow with other believers and make my faith my own.

Growing up in Mobile, I’m thankful to be close to home. I love getting to see my nieces and nephews grow up, while still getting a quality education. I have multiple family members who graduated from UM, and knowing their past experiences helped me make my college choice.

I’m thankful for UM’s faculty and staff. With the small class sizes, they are always there to discuss any questions I may have, and they teach in ways that make me a better student. They truly care about my well-being inside and outside of the classroom.

About the Author

Mikayla Persons

Mikayla Persons is a junior accounting major from Mobile, Alabama. She works at Moka’s Coffee House near the university, and she’s a 9th and 10th grade group leader at Redemption Church. During her free time, she enjoys driving to Buc-ee’s.