2020 Thanks UM Graphic

Thanks UM – Myla Edwards

Myla EdwardsNews

I was first drawn to the University of Mobile because of how beautiful the campus was. My family and I loved the trees that line the entryway, and we all felt so safe. Everything just felt right.

I’m so thankful for everything UM has done for me so far. I’ve had so many opportunities opened up for me, and it has really given me a place to call home and further my education. As a nursing major, the facilities that UM offers have really given me the opportunity to be prepared for my future career.

UM has also helped me get out of my shell and express myself. The faculty and staff are so welcoming and have made me feel so comfortable. Running track and field has also helped me get to know other students and build friends.

Everyone on campus is so positive, which is so refreshing. The outside world can be stressful, but the University of Mobile provides me with a place to get away and focus on school. It’s provided me with a spiritual cleansing that I never knew I needed until now, and I’m so thankful for that.

Editor’s Note: Thanksgiving is the time of year to give thanks to everyone and everything that has changed your life. The University of Mobile has multiple factors that impact students’ lives inside and outside of their college experience. Thanks UM is a way for students to show their gratitude to other students, faculty/staff, donors and all other factors that shape their college experience and provide opportunities beyond UM.